ESL Ministry

The ESL Ministry is back in full swing! If you would like to be apart of this in any capacity, please contact Elisabeth Bowman.

TESOL Training at Harvest
If you've ever wondered how one teaches someone else a language, especially when the teacher and student(s) don't share a common language, this is your chance to learn! Harvest will be offering training in teaching English to speakers of other languages. The training is open to everyone (whether you can be part of the ministry this fall or not) and will cover topics such as basic teaching techniques, basic TESOL techniques, and the chance to get some hands-on practice with the English and Bible curriculums and supplemental materials we'll be using this fall.
Saturday, July 22, from 9-12
Please be sure to use this form to let us know of your intention to attend so we can have enough materials for everyone.
Ministry Supplies
Thank you to everyone who has donated supplies thus far. There are still a few things we need, including:
  • lids from one-gallon and half-gallon milk and juice jugs
  • grocery and department store ads (Kroger, Meijer, Whole Foods, Walmart, etc.)
  • menus from various restaurants
  • tourist maps and brochures (especially for Detroit)
  • empty one-gallon paint cans
  • paint stir sticks
  • dish soap bottles (empty)