Bible Classes

Sunday Evening Bible Study (6:00pm)

Pastor Dan McGhee leads the Sunday evening Bible study through several important doctrines of Scripture. No need to sign up, just show up!

Tuesday Evening Bible Study (7:00pm)

The Tuesday evening Bible study walks verse-by-verse through the books of the New Testament. Bob St. John is currently teaching through the book of 1st John.

Street-Level Christian Philosophy (Begins Jan. 19)

This free class, taught by Steve Schlichter, is a 4-week primer on basic philosophical ideas that aid in theology, apologetics, and devotion. Whether we know it or not, philosophy (like theology) is something we are always doing to draw implications and justify beliefs. We always ‘do’ philosophy but we don’t always do good philosophy. Philosophy is a very powerful tool and essential to loving God with all your mind, but can also be dangerous when employed by those who do not know they are using it.

This class will focus on practical applications of philosophy:

  1. Practicing basic rules of logic and identifying errors and biases in everyday, commonplace discussions on various topics
  2. Identifying philosophical arguments used by Jesus and the prophets 
  3. Understanding different types of knowledge and how we use knowledge to justify beliefs
  4. Discussing and evaluating different types of apologetic arguments and learning to deal with skeptical objections 

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Bible Teacher Certificate

Manthano Christian College, located in the Harvest building, offers a free online Bible teachers' certificate. Please contact Dr. John McLean for details: