Ministry Event Form

This form is for Harvest Ministry Leaders only.

Please complete and submit this form if your ministry is planning an event.  You must complete this form at least 4 weeks prior to the event or prior to the registration deadline. Your event information will be shared with the Harvest staff and you will be contacted as to the status of approval for the event information provided.

If applicable, please work within your ministry for building access and set up assistance . If your ministry would like the Hospitality Volunteers to provided coffee/hot water, you must contact ruth & Wally Garner at  at the time of this submission.

If you have any questions, you can email Carrie Bulbuk at   

Thank you for reading these directions and serving our church family!

Ministry Event Form

Contact Name - person we will contact for communication about this event.

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If you are not a Harvest Ministry Leader, please utilize the "New Ministry Ideas" form instead.

How often will this event occur?*

If at Harvest include room(s) needed. If not at Harvest, provide address.

Please enter the expected number of Attendees. Provide best estimate.

Please write the date(s) of this event along with the beginning and end times.

If registration is needed, please provide registration due date.

If there is a cost to attend this event, please provide the amount.

If you have set-up needs at the church, please include here. (i.e. number of tables, number of chairs, AV equipment)

Provide a detailed description of this event. We may need to edit your description.

Requested Announcement Location*

Check all the ways you would like to have this information published. Staff will determine what is actually feasible.

Please add any other information the staff needs to know that you have not already provided.