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    Genesis to Revelation

    08.26.22 | Faith | by Mike Moses

    A summary of the Bible from beginning to end, using only the words of Scripture. Our prayer is that you will grow in your appreciation of God's Word, and will embrace your place in God's story. 

      Harvest Helping Hands

      07.20.21 | Current Events | by Nick Friedrich

      Are you willing to PROVIDE help to someone in the church? If so, please indicate below. Do you NEED help from someone in the church? If so, please indicate below.  We cannot promise to meet every request, but our desire is to connect...

        Bible Reading Plans for 2024

        11.19.19 | Recommended Links | by Mike Moses

        Do you have a plan for reading the Bible in 2024? We encourage you to select one of these Bible reading plans provided by Redeeming Productivity. Read through the New Testament, or through the entire Bible. Allow God to use His Word to transform...