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Stepped Down

Based on Philippians 2:6-11

Exalted in excellence, living in light 
He was bathed in beauty, brilliantly bright  
Higher than angels, the only divine Son 
Immaculate image of the invisible One 

Pondering deeply His Father’s wise plan 
He was willingly born in the likeness of man 
He poured Himself out in a servant-like way 
The shaper of galaxies now shaped by clay 

Though heralded by heaven’s choir in the sky 
The eternal Word manages just a cry 
Magi can sense that He’s second to none 
But He’ll grow up unknown, as a carpenter’s son 

What a giant step down! See His eminence tumble 
From manger to cross - no one’s been more humble 
He loved God and others from first to last breath 
He served us in life and He served us in death 

Unjustly tormented for rebels and thieves  
For every sinner who truly believes 
He did it for me, the worst of His foes 
For my sins He died and for my life He rose 

He vanquished the grave and defeated the night 
Now exalted in excellence, living in light 
Every last creature will bow the knee
At the name of Jesus, to the Father's glory

Every last creature will kiss the ring 
All hail to Jesus, the humble King!

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