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A Biblical Response to Intersectionality

11.07.18 | Current Events | by Mike Moses

Intersectionality is a new but fast-growing ideology that is sweeping through the college campuses, social media feeds, and public spaces of America. Though many Americans have never heard of intersectionality, most are familiar with the terminology it employs: “check your privilege,” “microaggression,” “safe space.” Intersectional theory has become for many a full-fledged worldview, with its own dogma, evangelists, prophets, and warriors.

Because of intersectionality’s façade of compassion, Christians may be drawn into its orbit. But most are naïve to its underlying presuppositions and agendas. This seminar, presented October 6th, 2018, explains intersectionality, exposes major discrepancies between its ideology and biblical truth, demonstrates how its fruits are damaging to opponents and adherents, and presents gospel ideology as the best alternative.

About the speaker: Mike Moses (M.Div, Detroit Baptist Seminary) serves as Assistant Pastor at Harvest Bible Church. Mike has been involved in college ministry for 15 years and is currently pursuing a Master of Theology degree. 

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